Work Rehabilitation

Injured workers benefit from physical therapy services from the onset of injury through their return to work. Most patients/clients who receive appropriate early care return to their jobs without any additional rehabilitation services. For those who are not able to return to work because of unresolved physical problems following acute care, the treatment focus changes to restoration of work-related function, which is determined through Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs).

FCEs are necessary for worker’s compensation patients to evaluate the physical limitations of the patient and to coordinate a successful return to work. Through FCE testing, the physical therapist will be able to note if the patient has work restrictions or if tasks can be performed through modifications.

Work conditioning is an intensive, work-related, goal-oriented conditioning program designed specifically to restore systemic neuro-musculoskeletal functions (e.g., joint integrity and mobility, muscle performance (including strength, power, and endurance), motor function (motor control and motor learning), range of motion (including muscle length), and cardiovascular/pulmonary functions (e.g. aerobic capacity/ endurance, circulation, and ventilation and respiration/gas exchange). The objective of the work conditioning program is to restore physical capacity and function to enable the patient/client to return to work.

We provide rehabilitation services including outpatient physical and occupational therapy, and work conditioning. A structured and goal-oriented program will be designed to help people regain functional skills and return to work after an injury. Time is critical in workers’ compensation cases. Phone calls, timely and objective documentation and teamwork are especially important. We will do the necessary paperwork to get the required therapy in a timely fashion and our qualified therapists will design a program specific to your needs.

Development of program goals is in relation to job skills and job requirements. Interventions to improve strength, endurance, movement, flexibility, motor control, and cardiovascular/pulmonary capacity related to the performance of work tasks

  • Practice, modification, and instruction in work related activities
  • Education related to safe job performance and injury prevention
  • Promotion of patient/client responsibility and self-management

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