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Provision of seamless non-fragmented care

Advantages of an Integrated approach

While this clinic is owned by the physicians of Advanced Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, we in physical therapy work as a team with them to provide you the best service. Working as an integral part of this health care team is advanatageous in the following manner:

  1. In-house PT allows for greater control over patient care and outcomes. Traditionally, there is very little interface between the physician, patient and therapist. When a physician writes a script and the patient is free to seek therapy at a clinic of their choice. This adds to confusion of researching quality clinics, convenience etc. In-house PT closes the loop between doctor and therapist and results in a much higher level of care and helps to ensure patient compliance

  2. In-house PT allows sharing ideas of your physical therapy program with the physicians in a timely and efficient manner. Continuous communication between the physician and the physical therapist allows the physician to dictate specific protocols for different patients and diagnoses. The frequency and immediacy of feedback allow for the fine-tuning of therapeutic protocols that serves to improve patient outcomes. (One study comparing on-site physical therapy delivered in physician offices versus other sites concluded that patients who receive on-site physical therapy lose less time from work and resume normal duties more quickly.) Ethical Physical Therapy Association, 222.ethicalpt.org

  3. Timely feedback between the physicians and physical therapists help in decreasing overutilization of services.

    1. If the doctor deems the desired outcome to have been achieved, then services can be immediately discontinued
    2. If the doctor determines another therapy modality is appropriate, then a shift can be made in a timely manner
    3. If it appears that physical therapy is not yielding desired results, other therapeutic techniques, including surgery, can be considered.

    Hackett, GI; Blundred, P; Hutton, JL, O'Brien, J; Stanley, IM, Management of Joint and Soft Tissue Injuries In Three General Practices: Value of On-Site Physiotherapy, Br J Gen Pract. 1993 Feb; 43 (367): 61-64.

  4. Working as a team physician/therapist team has increased access to your health care information and are able to make informed descisions regarding your physical therapy thereby decreasing errors and increasing patient safety. Finally, the ability to exchange information on a patient in a frequent and timely fashion serves to reduce errors. According to a study, 70 to 80 percent of medical errors are related to interpersonal interaction issues. Interpersonal interaction is critical to patient safety.

  5. In-house PT provides an added service and convenience for patients. Our facility provides comprehensive, quality services where you can make appointmetnts for the physician and physical therapy visits in one visit. The patients react favorably to the convenience along with familiarity of the physical therapist office being a part of the physician office.
    Interdisciplinary Teamwork is a Key to Patient Safety in the Operating Room, ICU, and ER, Agency for Health Care Research and Quality, available at
If you have any questions or concerns please let us know how we can better serve you. Contact Joseph Mathews, MPT, CSCS; Director of Physical Therapy services at (281) 664-2202.