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AOSM Therapy – Getting to Know Our Practice

Advanced Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine has been proud to serve the northwest Houston, Cypress, Spring and Tomball areas for over 25 years. The AOSM Therapy department was started in 2002 to provide an additional resource to these communities. Working closely with the Board certified/eligible physicians at Advanced Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, the physical therapists and certified hand therapists strive to provide the best care using innovative and state of the art treatments, proven evidence-based techniques, and modern exercise equipment in our spacious 4,500 sq. ft. clinic/facility.

Advanced Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Therapy boasts of a caring and understanding clinical staff with an average 10 years of clinical experience in helping people just like you return to the highest possible level of function. The physical and occupational therapists at AOSM provide professional, cutting-edge orthopedic, spine and sports medicine physical/occupational therapy for a number of high school, collegiate, professional and Olympic athletes at a local, national, and international level and having been doing so for many years. Being directly attached to an orthopedic physician practice, the staff are also highly trained in treating a vast array of orthopedic conditions and injuries that may not be sports related as well as progressing patients through post-surgical rehabilitation and getting them back to their daily living activities.

Even in the face of significant changes in health care, Advanced Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine therapists remain committed to providing you high quality, cost effective care and serving you and our local community. At AOSM it is our pleasure and honor to serve you, and we look forward to a lasting relationship with you.

Highlights of our clinic include:

  1. Decreased wait times: While most of the patients are usually able to obtain a therapy appointment within 1-2 days following their physician appointment, we promise no longer than 3 days for getting scheduled with the physical/occupational therapist (once authorization of treatment is obtained from the insurance company if needed). Some patients can get in quicker if needed upon physician request.
  2. Communication with Physician: Our integrated documentation system and timely communication with referring physicians provides for seamless and non-fragmented patient care, decreasing communication errors and delays.
  3. Experienced Staff: Our staff has an average 10 years of clinical experience and continues to grow professionally through extensive clinical and continuing education in the field of orthopedics and sports medicine. We also have management staff in place with over 10 years experience specifically at AOSM working to insure the patients’ therapy experience is of the utmost quality and importance.
  4. Evidence Based Practice: In view of holding ourselves to the highest standards of care established by the American Physical Therapy Association, all our Physical Therapists practice using the best practices for the conditions seen. We emphasize one-on-one care through manual therapy, exercises and modalities (hot packs, cold packs, ultrasound, Electrical Stimulation, TENS) as needed to help control pain and associated symptoms.
  5. Insurance Coverage: We are preferred providers for most group health insurance plans. It is our policy to confirm the eligibility and benefits of all of our patients and inform them of the particulars of their insurance coverage prior to the first visit. Please provide us with your insurance company name, group number, insured's identification number, date of birth, and insurance phone number and we will be happy to check your eligibility and benefits for therapy. For more information please call our office at 281-664-2202.

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